P.S.Note®: what does it do?

P.S.Note® is the co-driver’s pace notebook, designed to enable a quick and perfect performance.

With its ergonomic spiral binding and the right number of sheets, it’s easy to use, closes quickly and is a perfect weight.

The high quality non reflective paper is durable and will perform well in those critical moments.

Two different formats
You can choose P.S.Note® in a small size 17×22 cm. as well as in a large size 19,5×25,5 cm.
Customisable cover
On request you can have the cover and back-cover customised subject to a minimum order of 5 copies.
Non-crush spiral binding

Plastic spiral binding with safe system, designed for an ergonomic grip.

90 squared sheets

Ideal number of sheets designed for easy handling, without creating unnecessary hand stress.

High resistance paper

All the pages of P.S.Note® are designed with non-reflective paper with a high consistency.

Editable mistake

You can erase errors without seeing this on the sheets (providing you use a pencil)

Stickers for bookmarks

Inside the book you will find six adhesive stickers that you can use as bookmarks.

Replacement parts

It’s possible to purchase pages for the handbook separately as spares