Vip Starter Kit Standard


Starter Package:

designed for those who are competing in their first experiences as co-drivers, this package provides the basic tools to better face the first races.

This offer includes:

– 3 P.S.Note® standard;

– 1 Mars® technico 780 C;

– 1 Mars® Plastic.

– 1 Racebag Co-Driver

Everything you need to start your rally adventure, you’ll find it here.

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Features P.S.Note® Stardard:

Page size 17x22cm.

– 90 frontend pages with non-reflective paper

– 6 assistance record sheets

– 3 tabs to record the special stages


Features Mars® technico 780 C:

Leadholder for drawing, sketching and writing, for 2 mm leads, with metal clip, bush-button and grip zone. Integrated lead sharpener in push-button, with a HB lead inside.


Features Mars® Plastic:

an eraser holder, for graphite on paper and matt drafting film with core sliding mechanism and clip.


Features Racebag Co-Driver:

  • Very practical bag with fixing by means of two Velcro loops on the roll-bar.
  • Three convenient front pockets can hold small racing tools, mobile phone or other.
  • Additional pocket with 1 cm zip to accommodate your notebook and / or RoadBook at the time of the race

  • At the end of the race it can be detached and carried like a pouch or shoulder strap thanks to the adjustable and fully detachable strap.
  • Small but smart: 32 x 23 cm

For drivers, as well as for co-drivers, a “must have”

Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso2,2 kg
Dimensioni19,5 × 25,5 × 6 cm
Racebag option

Racebag Neutral, Personalized Racebag


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