P.S.Note Vertical


Features P.S.Note® Vertical plus size:

P.S.Note large size:

– Page size 19,5×25,5cm.

90 front\end pages with non-reflective paper

9 tyres record sheets

4 assistance record sheets

1 tabs to record the special stages

Plastic spiral binding with secure paper retention system. Designed for easy ergonomic handling. Inside the P.S.Note® co-driver pace notebook, you will find four adhesive stickers to highlight the pages for the beginning of special stages.

It is also possible to customize the PSNote® covers at this page.


P.S.Note is the co-driver’s pace notebook, designed to enable a quick and perfect performance.

With its ergonomic spiral binding and the right number of sheets, it’s easy to use, closes quickly and is a perfect weight.

The high quality non reflective paper is durable and will perform well in those critical moments.


Additional information

Weight0.600 kg
Dimensions19.5 × 25.5 × 3 cm


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